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A studnent coming into the 4th grade should be able to add and subtract any number and have their multiplication facts 0-12 memorized.


We will be working on multidigit multiplication and division and adding, subracting, simplifying, and  finding equivalent fractions.


Click on a link for fun way to practice or go to my fact fluency page for extra practice and then to  Fact Tests to test yourself. 


Fact Fluency


Fact Tests 


Mental Math


Various Math Games 

Bite Size


Numbers and Operations

Fractions: Part of a Whole

Virtual Manipulatives

Number Lines

Create Number lines



Place Value  

Place Value Game 

Place Value Pirates Decimals   

Place Value Pirates Whole Numbers




Connect Four   (2 people) 



Fraction Pizza Game 

Fraction Activities 

Tony's Fraction Pizza


Estimating and Rounding

Guess the Number 


Connect Four - Estimator (2 people)


Counting Money

Choose the Coins



Virtual Manipulatives

Johnnie's Math Page   



Virtual Manipulatives - Algebra

Funbrain - Guess the missing number

Guess My Button

People Patterns



Angles in a triangle

Virtual Manipulatives - Geometry 

Locate the Aliens

The Eyeballing Game

Billy Bug

Whats My Angle


Data Analysis and Probability

Virtual Manipulatives - Data Analysis & Probability

Johnnie's Math Page

Combinations Game 

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