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Page history last edited by Kathy Brunetti 11 years, 10 months ago

We are in the age of technology and everything is changing because of it.  Just think of how computers and cell phones have changed just in the last five years.  Our kids are growing up in a technological generation and they have to be able to keep up with the world.


Technology in the classroom is what all schools are striving for, but just because you have technology does not guarantee that it promotes learning. 


If technology is only used to play games or show videos, there is not much learning taking place.  If the technology is there and the students have access to it every day, then they grow comfortable using it.  The learning starts taking place after the students are accustomed to it and they are no longer intimidated by it. 


My 4th grade students know how to research a project, compile their data, and prepare a presentation.  They know what tools to use to enhance their presentations.  They know how to write, edit, and submit papers on-line. They can collect data, enter the data into Microsoft Excell, and create a graph or chart that will display their data.


My students have access to an unlimited number of educational sites to quiz themselves on their knowledge of specific subjects or to practice newly learned skills. 


One-to-one computing has equaled the playing field for my students with those of students from larger schools and they are developing the confidence and the ability they need to compete in college and in the work place.


Listed below is some of the technology that we are using in the classroom:



Promethean Board - interactive white board


Airliner Wireless Slate - wireless tablet that connects a computer to the interactive white board


Net Books - student sized lap-top computers

     Power Point - presentation software

     Microsoft Excell - graphing and charting software

     Google Docs - document sharing software

     Gmail - HSD email provider

     Compass - online testing software

     Exam View - online testing software


ProScope - hand-held microscope that plugs into the computer or netbook


Lab Quest touch-screen interface tool with built-in software that collects data that is received from various sensors.

     Light probe - sensor that registers light intensity

     Go Temp - sensor that registers temperature



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