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Page history last edited by Kathy Brunetti 11 years, 7 months ago

Hector students were invited to Vanderbilt University to tour the campus and the research facilities, and participate in some science labs.

Dr. Pedchenko explaining his kidney research.

Next, the students traveled to another Medical research building and conducted experiments using dry ice.

Pat Tellinghuisen showed the students how the gas, carbon dixiode, is formed as dry ice melts.

She inflated a balloon with the carbon dixiode.

She then poured liquid nitrogen over the balloon and it caused it to shrink.

When the balloon warmed back to room temperature, it was still inflated.

Jamie assisted her in freezing ice cream with liquid nitrogen.


The Students met with Dr. Joey Barnett and he talked to them about how to maintain a healty heart and cardiovascular system.  The students were able to examine preserved specimens of the human heart and watch a chicken embyro heart beat through the use of a microscope.


Many thanks to the Hector School district, Sara Carter, Dr. Stephanie Zeige, Drs. Billy & Juile Hudson, and to everyone involved in the Aspirnaut program.


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james said

at 5:09 pm on Feb 2, 2012

i thought Dr. Stephanie last name was Zeiger

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